Thursday, 15 May 2014

White Cloth gallery visit

On this later trip to the White Cloth gallery we saw two new photography exhibitions. One by Slim Aarons, and the other by Gered Mankowitz. Both very different work.

The first exhibition was the Slim Aarons photo work.Working mainly for publications, Aarons photographed the famous. As well as photography the high society he also worked for the S military magazine called 'Yank' during the Second World War.

His main work of the photographed rich has featured in an array of publications. including Venture and LIFE magazine. 

His work was a positive portrayal of the wealthy, and because of this class accepted him into their society.  

The second exhibit in the White Cloth was the Gered Mankowitz photographs of Jimi Hendrix. These works are extremely famous, and the prints that he has produced are still being printed today. Used for posters, T-shirts, and practically anything that can be printed on. 

Within this collection, there is a mixture of the original black and white, and the new updated images which have been digitally touched up, adding bright bold colours to the black and white photographs. 
I personally prefer the original ones over the new ones. They seem more intense and raw, just like the music that the artist produced. the coloured ones I think look overly bright, and a bit too much in your face. We all know that Hendrix was known for his 'wacky' clothing, and the artist who produced the coloured images probably just wanted to accentuate them, but i believe the images were more about himself as a human, than about his choice in clothing.  

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