Monday, 19 May 2014

Rose Butler

The same month we had another guest lecturer, Rose Butler. 
Based in Sheffield Hallam University, her photo work is very different to the previous lecturer Mark Neville.

Butler works mainly with film and photo animation, creating sometimes unusual, and great pieces.
One of my favourite pieces of work is called BOX. The images were all photographed using a 1920's box camera. The photographs were then scanned into a computer and used to produce a short film which documented the journey from Sheffield to London and back again. Showing the imperfections in early photography, demonstrating how photography has progressed from its early stages.   

This is a still from the film. To see the full film, copy this link -

Another film that she has created that I really admire was called 'Platform'. The film is about the people that travel by train. It shows both calm, and anxious people going to board their train. 
The film shows three squares, and the video flows between these squares. The squares are there to represent the train, and the sounds that are playing in the background really make you believe it is indeed a moving vehicle.

To see the full video, copy this link -

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