Thursday, 15 May 2014

Flash Fiction - One day Brief

On this one day brief I had to produce a series of 12 images, each symbolising an adjective that we were given at the beginning of the day. 

I decided to base my series of small images on a makeshift journey of a working class family. Travelling, and  documenting what they saw, did and ate. 
I tried to produce images in the first person view, to make the images look as if the family saw it this way.   

Looking down over a bridge that they are crossing on the way into town.

A parent has just been smoking, and has stubbed their cigarette out using the bin.

This is something that they saw as they travelled. 

Stopping at McDonald's for a bite to eat. 

Finishing their meal, trying to use all the ketchup they can on the last bite.

One member of the family takes some food with them, but discard it quickly as they are bored with its taste. 

The view of the family from the view point of a passer by.

Another view that they saw, this time making their way back home.

One of the children gets enticed by the bright colours on a toy machine, and bugs their parents into playing.  

A traffic light that comes into view as they are about to cross the road. 

They look up at their building before venturing inside. 

The children, and parents become tired.

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