Tuesday, 22 October 2013

4: One Day Brief

What a Gas

Moira dropped the unopened letter from the Gas Board into the bin.
She knelt, weary knees aching, to turn up the oven's temperature dial as she peeked inside. “Filthy.” she wiped away crumbs and debris.
House unkempt? Never.
Sorted now, she thought. Her sigh masked the hiss of the escaping fumes

Flash Fiction is a complete story in 1000 words or less. It is a story that  has been whitled down to its essence whilst remaining a complete story, with plot, narrative, characters, conflict, and resolution.

My one day brief was to produce four photographs using a DSLR camera that flow through the story that I was given. I was given the story "What a Gas" (Top of the page).

I chose to use a canon 7D and a 50mm lens on this project because I wanted to use depth of field in my images. The depth of field can be easily seen in my first two images. 

Set in my own kitchen I chose to produces images that first illustrate how Moira threw the letter away and peeked into the oven, then I produced abstract photographs which I wanted to represent the gas escaping from the faulty oven and entering the lungs of Moira.  

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