Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Studio Portrait Final Piece

After three test shoots, discovering what would make the best visual representation of my subject I finally produced a roll of 120 medium format film. 
Using 100 ISO film speed to produce the sharpest image I could I developed a positive result of negatives. 
This was a huge relief!
The next stage (the enlarging), all 15 hours of it was one of the stressful elements I done within photography. But like anything in life, anything that takes time and  concentration is usually worth while, and it was definitely that! 
After hour apron hour, and many sheets of photographic paper I finally discovered the correct enlarging elements for my particular exposure. 
I believe it was definitely worth while, and I am very pleased with my final A3 print. Even though it took a lot of effort I can't wait to get stuck into my next film based work!

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